30th Anniversary

Folsom Physical Therapy is 30+ years strong!

2013 marked Folsom Physical Therapy’s thirtieth year of clinical practice.

Thousands of people – patients, therapists, athletes – have entered this facility, exiting measurably stronger, more mobile and more educated about how to manage musculoskeletal problems. Moreover, these individuals have become more enlightened about independence, health and wellness. Folsom Physical Therapy (FPT) celebrated this significant milestone in its history every month for the year of 2013.

Following a theme of “Something Old, Something New . . . ”, each month’s tribute reminded us of Folsom Physical Therapy’s amazing accomplishment with at least some small commemorative – a seminar, an activity, a gathering, an educational offering, a guest visit…read the highlights here, to remember each month’s celebratory token.

December, 2013

It is fitting that, in the year of celebrating how far our business has come, we recognized two unsung heroes who have contributed to making our achievement possible. Darlene Burger and Emily Moore. To our theme that we had for 2013, “Something Old, Something New”, we could of added, “Something Enduring”.

November, 2013

Folsom Physical Therapy received Commendation – Folsom City Councilman Ernie Sheldon graciously presented Tim McGonigle and Michael Moore with a formal 30th-year_potluck_smResolution of Commendation on November 7, 2013 in the clinic. With an audience of 30, Councilman Sheldon delivered all the “whereases” of the resolution with heartfelt gratitude, having been familiar and associated with Folsom Physical Therapy for many years. It was a nice ceremony, full of appreciation.

November 1 is the actual date in 1983 that the doors of Folsom Physical Therapy opened for business. Some 60 staff, patients, friends and associates of this amazing enterprise convened in the clinic on that Friday evening, November 1, 2013 to recognize this milestone and show their appreciation and support. Michael Moore and Tim McGonigle thanked the crowd for a productive and rewarding 30 years, then received a champagne toast. Moreover, the plant-based whole food potluck was a huge success – more delicious healthy food than could be eaten!

October, 2013

Tim & Michael went to Cincinnati for the annual conference of the American Academy of tim-and-michael-cincinatti-conf-2013_xsmOrthopedic Manual Physical Therapists entitled “Manual Physical Therapy: Balancing the Three Pillars of EBP”. Both are fellows in the academy, with Michael being one of eight founding members of the organization more than 20 years ago.

The founders of the world renowned Kaltenborn-Evjenth/Nordic Orthopedic Manual Therapy System  invited Tim McGonigle to attend a prestigious meeting in the Grand Canary Islands in January 2014. The purpose of the meeting was to decide the future of their system, along with establishing the standards for teacher’s training and examinations to determine a practitioner’s competency. This system formed the foundation of FPT’s teaching and clinical practice over 30 years ago. Tim McGonigle is one of 15 international professionals, along with only one other American, who received an invitation to help drive the future of the Kaltenborn-Evjenth international organization.

September, 2013

masaru-kandaCountless physical therapists have enhanced their careers and professional education through mentorship and clinical observation of the skilled and highly experienced therapists at work in Folsom Physical Therapy. In keeping with the 30th Year’s “Something Old, Something New” theme, read Profiles in Our Profession about featured clinician Masaru Kanda, about different milestones in his professional career.

August, 2013

ft-august-2013A “field trip” to the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento, CA was on August 22.

June, 2013

fpt-june-2013 The new Folsom Physical Therapy commemorative T-shirts were offered! Once again honoring the 30th Anniversary year, a refreshed version of our shirts went on sale that month. To show your team spirit, proudly wear the 30th Year commemorative t-shirt, still available for sale at the clinic.

May, 2013

may-2013-2A special gala event to commemorate Folsom Physical Therapy’s 30th year in business was held on the afternoon of May 11…only the event was actually a surprise 65th birthday for Michael Moore! So 125 devotees celebrated both of these special milestones, and learned a little more about Michael the dedicated student, the directed clinician, the unwavering coach and benevolent dictator!

April, 2013
lectureFor the first time in its teaching history, Folsom Physical Therapy hosted a pelvic health course for physical therapists. Specialist Rachel Worman, DPT (previous therapist with FPT) and the Sacramento Valley Pelvic Health Society welcomed 17 Sacramento and Bay Area pelvic health therapists to attend the April 19-21 course at Folsom Physical Therapy. Guest speaker was Oregon physical therapist Ramona Horton, PT.

March 2013

pilates7198March brought us our new Pilates program with Suzanne Talbert, PT. To clarify your understanding of Pilates, read a brief history, a description of how it differs from and overlaps with traditional physical therapy, how Pilates is being utilized within the Folsom Physical Therapy framework, and who might best benefit from incorporating or beginning a Pilates-based program.

February 2013

February saw the announcement of FPT’s collaboration with Don Forrester, MD, CPE, who was working with patients and their health care professionals in the prevention and pilates_feb_13reversal of chronic diseases, while minimizing medications and avoiding procedures. At a February 19th seminar, “Actions for Personal Health and Wellness”, Dr. Forrester gave an excellent overview of a healthy diet’s role in preventing and reversing chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

January 2013

lyttle_jan_13Patients Sylvia and Brian Lyttle paid a visit to Michael Moore’s 8:00 a.m. Level II Back Class, telling the story of Michael’s early days as a clinician on Oakdale St. Both Sylvia and Bryan were being treated in the office, and when Michael excused himself to answer the phone, Sylvia decided she must help by filling the receptionist role. One thing led to another, and she became his first office staff.