New Patient Info & FAQ’s

Payment & Insurance Information

If true expertise and personal commitment to your recovery are the most important factors in your search for a physical therapy clinic, Folsom Physical Therapy is the clear choice.  Decades of education and practice set Folsom Physical Therapy apart from all others.  Recognized internationally for their level of expertise, the clinicians at Folsom Physical Therapy are the cutting edge of musculoskeletal rehabilitation.

Our quality of service cannot be delivered within the restrictions imposed by in-network insurance plans.  Billing for out-of-network care often results in excessive costs passed on to the recipient months after services are rendered.

For our non-Medicare clients, Folsom Physical Therapy offers a fully transparent cost-for-service model that is far less expensive than models utilizing commercial insurance companies as middlemen between clients and providers.  Clients simply pay the reduced rate for services rendered and submit the receipt for reimbursement to their HSA or insurance company.  We will provide you with the information needed to initiate the reimbursement process.  This model in common in the dental industry and our rates reflect the quality of care provided.

We remain in-network providers for our Medicare clients. This information does not pertain to them.

Our discounted rates:

Physical Therapy evaluation: $195

Follow-up appointment: $125

Extended follow-up appointment: $190


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is your cancellation policy?
    We require 24 hours notice for cancellations. If sufficient notice is not given then a cancellation fee of $125 will be owed by the patient.
  2. What is done during the evaluation?
    A licensed physical therapist will evaluate your condition to determine the best treatment plan for your diagnosis, while considering your doctor’s orders and requests. During the visit, the therapist may carry out tests and ask you to perform exercises to assess your condition.
  3. What should I wear to the appointments?
    Gym attire and anything that will allow the therapist to better assess the area being evaluated. For example, if you are being treated for your knee, please wear shorts.
  4. How long will I need to be in therapy?
    This depends on the results of our evaluation, your doctor’s request, and any insurance limitations. If you are self-paying, the therapist takes into consideration your out-of-pocket expense and will arrive at the most financially reasonable treatment schedule for you.
  5. Does your facility have a pool?
    No, for a very definite reason. Aquatics can be a suitable transition for someone temporarily requiring partial weight-bearing status, but should not be a substitute for land-based exercise and training.