FPT Course Application & info


*All applicants must be licensed Physical Therapists or Physical Therapy students with pre-approval to register.

To be enrolled, please email, fax, or mail the following:

  • Copy of your PT license 
  • Name, BEST contact information (home address, personal phone number and email address)
  • Current business address, phone number and email address
  • Gmail address for ease of communication and distribution of educational materials 

Once the application is reviewed, you will receive a confirmation email and the option to solidify your spot in the course with payment.

We accept cash or check (made out to Folsom Physical Therapy) or you can pay through PayPal (our account name is Seminars@folsomphysicaltherapy.com)



What if I cannot make all the course dates for the series I register for?

  • We cannot guarantee accommodations to those who do not attend all of the course days in a series by prorating the cost or guaranteeing a make-up date. If we offer the same exact course at some point in the future, and there is space in the specific course please contact us and if there is space available, we will consider accommodating the request. We cannot guarantee a free make-up class.

How do I complete the Folsom Physical Therapy Long-term Course?

  • A physical therapist can complete the current version of the FPT LT Course by attending all the Series offered. There are a total of five Series currently constituting the LT Course at this time.  In an effort to accommodate the time and financial restrictions therapists face today, the Series can be taken in any order and over any time period. We do recommend that therapists not beginning their education with us by taking the Foundations Course acquire the Enhancing Clinical Proficiency book for their review in preparation for the subsequent Series.

If I do not attend all of the sessions associated with the series I register for, how will the CEU’s I receive and potential for earning a Folsom Physical Therapy Long-term certificate be affected?

  • To earn a FPT Long-term Course certificate, participants can miss no more than two days out of the current 20 days of instruction.

Can I take photographs, or make video or auditory recording of the course?

  • No. For many reasons, including the fact that we must protect the privacy of the other participants, we cannot allow any photographs, recording or filming/videoing to occur during our courses.


If you have any questions please contact Kocus at folsompt@att.net