Pelvic Health Program

What Does A Pelvic Health Physical Therapist Do?

Some physical therapists have specialized training to evaluate and treat women and men with a variety of genito-urinary and colorectal conditions.  As the licensed health care practitioners who evaluate and treat the musculoskeletal system, the physical therapist is the ideal practitioner to address genito-urinary or colorectal dysfunction when it involves this system. All treatment at Folsom Physical Therapy is individually designed after thorough evaluation by the physical therapist.


Patients will be evaluated by a licensed physical therapist specializing in pelvic health in a safe, private and comfortable environment. The evaluation procedure often includes a pelvic floor muscle evaluation, and patients should be aware of this before referral. Please note that this is a musculoskeletal exam, different from the pelvic exam performed by a physician. 

For Children

Elimination dysfunction

Bowel / bladder dysfunction


Night / daytime wetting

 For Adults

Prostatectomy Bladder Incontinence

Bladder Cancer

Colon Cancer

Urinary Incontinence

Bowel Incontinence

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Pelvic Pain

Myofascial Trigger Points of the Pelvic Floor

Chronic Pelvic Pain

Interstitial Cystitis



Pudendal Neuralgia


Proctalgia Fugax

Levator Ani Syndrome

Levator Ani Spasm

Bowel/Bladder Voiding Dysfunction

Sexual Dysfunction

Paradoxical Voiding

Bladder Retraining (Behavioral Modification)

Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Women’s Health Therapy

Breast Cancer

Post-Mastectomy Care

Post-Radiation Care

Pelvic Health Therapy


Getting Started

We require a referral from your primary physician, gynecologist or urologist for pelvic health specialty care. Please talk to your doctor about the benefits of physical therapy treatment and your need for such care. Once you have a referral you will receive a one-on-one evaluation and subsequent treatment individualized specifically for you, all by a licensed physical therapist, who specialize in such treatment.