Prostatectomy Care

Prostatectomy Bladder Incontinence

Michael J. Moore, P.T. has designed a pre- and post-radical prostatectomy program to manage urinary (bladder) incontinence since his own prostate surgery in 2005.

Specific muscles often become weak and uncoordinated following a surgery. In the case of a knee surgery it is the quadriceps muscles. After a back surgery the gluteal muscles are inhibited.  Prostatectomy surgery is no different. The pubococcygeal muscle (or pelvic floor muscle) becomes weak and uncoordinated.

With a strong background in hands-on muscular facilitation exercises both from neurological and orthopedic rehabilitation, Michael developed exercises beyond the Kegel exercise regimen typically recommended for prostatectomy patients.  He has found that with his professional and personal experience this series of exercises can be taught in one pre-operative visit.  Our protocol calls for one to two post-operative visits to help insure a successful outcome for the patient.