Vestibular and Balance Rehabilitation

Balance and vestibular problems are common, yet few are aware that effective treatment is available. Folsom Physical Therapy has developed Vestibular and Balance Rehabilitation to help people with balance disorders return to comfortable, safe and enhanced activity and lifestyle.

What does a physical therapist do to help with vestibular and balance issues?

A physical therapist specialized in treating balance disorders first evaluates the patient to determine the nature of the dysfunction. In the case of balance problems, the involved systems could be of a cardiovascular, metabolic, or central or peripheral neurological nature. The physical therapist treats and educates the patient about how to manage symptoms, thereby building skill and confidence.

Folsom Physical Therapy’s Vestibular and Balance Rehabilitation program can assist in addressing:

  • Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo
  • Loss of balance from aging or injury
  • Fall prevention
  • Post-stroke loss of balance
  • Cervicogenic dizziness
  • Space and motion discomfort
  • Post-concussive dizziness
  • Post-surgical acoustic neuroma dizziness
  • Vertiginous migraine of vestibular origin
  • Meniere’s Disease vs. vestibular neuritis
  • Referring

We require a referral from a primary physician, otolaryngologist or neurologist before evaluating you for Vestibular and Balance Rehabilitation.


Patients will be evaluated by a licensed physical therapist specializing in vestibular and balance disorders in a safe, private and comfortable environment. The evaluation procedure often includes positioning in ways that may provoke symptoms, so that the physical therapy diagnosis and appropriate treatment program can be reached.

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tripodoutsideBrigit Moore Lim, MPT

Brigit developed the Vestibular and Balance Rehabilitation program at Folsom Physical Therapy, and is one of few physical therapists in this area with this specialty.